Important Note about New Construction Home Buying in Estero Florida

Four Steps to Getting the Most for Your Money
When You Buy a New Construction Home in Estero FL


Follow This Formula for a Profitable New Construction Home Purchase


1.  Get an Independent REALTOR® on Your Side For Free

An experienced independent REALTOR® is the best person to guide you in purchasing new construction. and it won’t cost you a dime.  When you first visit a new home community with your own REALTOR®, that person becomes your representative at the community. The builder’s representative can’t choose between working for you and working for the builder. The builder’s representative is obligated to protect the interests of the builder/developer.


2.  Compare Available Communities to Find the One that Fits Your Lifestyle

The number of new home communities in the Naples area is growing rapidly. Each community has its own personality and you need to find the one that fits best with your lifestyle. The first community you see may be impressive, but you need to weigh your alternatives to reach the decision that will make you happy over the long-term.


3.  Choose a Design and Upgrades that Will Serve You Now and at Resale

There are a myriad of things to consider when you purchase a new construction home. You’ll have an abundance of decisions to make concerning options, upgrades, and building lots that carry premiums. Some of the things that will add cost to your new home make very good sense, but others don’t. These are the types of questions you’ll need to answer:

  • Which items are critical to your enjoyment of your new home?
  • Which items will be very important, somewhat important, or not at all important when it comes to resale?
  • Will you recoup the extra dollars you spend?
  • What upgrades should you complete after the sale with your own contractor?


4.  Negotiate from a Position of Strength

As with any home purchase, there are many things that are negotiable when purchasing a new construction home. You need to know where the builder will have more room to negotiate and where you will just be wasting your time and perhaps making the negotiation more difficult.


Here’s How I Can Help

I am an independent REALTOR®. I have no obligation to any of the communities you may want to explore.

  • I can be your representative and liaison to the developers’ sales associates to make sure you find the community best suited for your needs and desires.
  • I can help you get the most for your money in a new-construction transaction.


As your representative, my only obligation is to protect your interests as the buyer. Buyers aren’t responsible for compensating their REALTOR®, meaning that my assistance will make no difference to the price you pay.


There’s no reason not to have an independent, experienced, professional local advisor in your corner, whether you’re buying in a new development or not!



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